We want you to help shape our future 

Want to help shape the future of TV?

What we look for in you:

  • You need to have some free time to spend setting up and using trial products, but don’t worry, once setup this means watching TV.
  • You will need to report problems and issues to us, as they arise, through an agreed route.  We may occasionally follow up for more information.
  • You need to complete any surveys we send you.  We promise to keep these as short as possible.
  • Occasionally you may get asked to take on a special mission and tell us what you find.

What you will get from us:

  • Exclusive visibility of our new features and software which are regularly updated giving you a chance to use some of our latest and greatest technology, early.
  • Briefing packs explaining the new features so you can get the most from them.
  • An opportunity to provide feedback that helps shape the future of YouView products.
  • Occasional tokens of our appreciation for your contribution.

Things that are good to know: 

  • There are no costs involved in being a trialists.
  • Trialists do not get free broadband or call allowance. 
  • Each trial will have terms and conditions which will need to be agreed.
  • Once you have registered your details we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Key details